Fristen for innsending er utgått.

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C More Julekalender 2012


The primary goal is to activate and engage visitors in a fun and playful way, as well as getting visitors to order a new C More subscription via the campaign site. Our secondary goal is to entertain already existing C More customers and Facebook fans with a digital Christmas Calendar.


The purpose of the campaign is to let visitors guess what is inside of a Christmas present by either peaking inside, rotating it or shaking it. As the user shakes the package, there is a sound that is related to the object inside. The user then has the ability to guess what it is by typing the name of the content in the input field below the present. The user will then be given feedback if the guess is "correct", "incorrect" or "almost correct".

If the user guesses right, he or she can sign up to win a prize. Each day there are new prizes, ranging from a LCD TV to DVD boxes. The next day the user will receive an e-mail notifying the person if he or she is the winner. Each user can participate over and over again, every day leading up to Christmas day, competing for a new prize.

On the site the visitors are greeted everyday with a new "did you know this about C More", giving C More related information about for example upcoming TV series. There is also a link that is always visible to C More order page.

We also created a mobile version of the site, allowing users to participate from their mobile phones.


This is an ongoing campaign.

Andre involverte

Johan Lindqvist, Alexander Svaetichin, Fredrik Vallgren, Eirik Fjellsaksel, Simon Pedersen

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