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This was a pet project to challenge us to play around with digital creativity and technical innovation. Reading about technical stuff in a book is one thing, but more often than not you just have to get your hands dirty and build it yourself - just to see if you can!



In front of the office you will find Stockholm's most famous hot dog stand - Gunthers Korv. The stand is known for selling the best german hot dogs in Stockholm, and is often mentioned in the local tourist guides and food magazines as a place to visit.

After we had moved in, we quickly noticed that during lunch time, people would que up in front of Gunthers stand. No matter the season, defying bad weather, people would wait in line for sometimes as much as 45 minutes to buy one of Gunther’s famous hot dogs.

As we watched this long line of people outside our window, often staring at us from the cold outside, we quickly realized there was anopportunity to practice our trade: communication and entertainment.

We ended up with a concept to create a mobile game for smartphones using our big office window as a digital screen for interaction. It was also important for us that the game was related to Gunthers. The result was a simple game called Korvkast.

A person standing in line is encouraged to navigate to, where he or she immediately is prompted to either connect via Facebook, or do an anonymous registration. Once registered, the user clicks play and by using the touchscreen of the smartphone, he or she can slingshoot hot dogs on a target digitally projected on our office window. A leaderboard of best scores is displayed, and people can share their scores directly on social media.


Random Twitter:
The project was officially launched just a couple of days ago, and we are getting nice feedback on Twitter from people standing in line outside Gunters.

From Klarna:
Klarna is perhaps the next big wave in Sweden after successes like Spotify and Skype. We recieved email from the Vice President congratulating us, and wondered if we also could add "estimated que time". We responded with a live web cam feed one hour later. We then recieved this tweet: And now we considering using Cinect to automatically detect people in line - and feed to the website.
Feber in Sweden picked it up and posted the story.

In the kitchen

Direct business
VG loved the korvkast, and used it on their stand on Gulltaggen. Korkvast will also be displayed on Oslo City as a demo for Clear Channel - to show what´s possible with digital boards.

We have been approached by companies who wants to re-create the Korvkast for their purposes.

Juryens begrunnelse

Good Morning tar med seg 3 poeng fra Sølvtaggen for mai, med egentids- prosjektet «Korvkast». Spillet «Korvkast» går ganske enkelt ut på å kaste pølser med mobilen på en prosjektert blink. Vi anbefaler alle å ta en titt på den særs velgjennomførte casefilmen.
Juryen er imponert over de tekniske ferdighetene prosjektet viser: - «Korvkast» mangler kanskje en kommunikasjonsoppgave, men prosjektet oser av overskudd og techno-skills.

Andre involverte

Konsept: Fredrik Vallgren, Johan Lindqvist, Alexander Svaetichin
Design: Fredrik Vallgren
Programmering: Johan Lindqvist, Piotr Wojciechowski
Tekst: Alexander Svaetichin
Case film: Fredrik Vallgren
Prosjektleder: Eirik Fjellaksel
Voice: Small Film

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