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Norwegian Red Cab


The campaign was set up to communicate and raise as much awareness as possible about that New York City is closer than ever with Norwegian’s direct flights.



Norwegian recently gave Norwegians a reason to smile in all the Christmas hysteria. Through an interactive digital screen in a shopping mall in Oslo, visitors could go on a real-time mini trip in New York City. The initiative was created to raise awareness of the airline’s long haul destinations.

Norwegian Airlines is constantly expanding, adding more and more flights to their offerings. Their direct long haul routes from Oslo, amongst them New York City, was communicated in a rather unique and playful way. They decided to give visitors in one of Oslo’s biggest shopping malls a chance to connect directly with the city.

An interactive digital screen enabled visitors in the mall to connect live with a custom designed Norwegian taxi that took them on a tour – of their choice – through the streets of New York. Through a special 360 camera on the roof, people could easily swipe on the screen and discover more about the city that never sleeps. At the same time the dedicated driver gave them interesting stories, information and funny anecdotes to make sure they enjoyed the ride. Real-time.


+60.000 views the first 24 hrs.
+ 200.000 impessions in social media the first 24 hrs
+50 relevant articles and posts in media the first 24 hrs

(a full case result will be released when the campaign is over)

Juryens begrunnelse

På fjerdeplass finner vi kampanjen ”Norwegian Red Cab” av Vizeum, i samarbeid med M&C Saatchi Stockholm. – En artig og jovial kommunikasjon som får oss til å smile, forteller juryen. De er allikevel usikker på reachen, men skryter av idéen og utformingen av de interaktive kameraene som ble installert på et kjøpesenter i Oslo.

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