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En hva-skal-jeg-bli-odyssé


Our brief was to remind a generation blessed with high confidence-levels and a DIY-mentality that knowledge is still needed, and to do it in a way that created attention, credibility, likeability and increased number of applicants to Kristiania University College.



Our idea was to create a reality web series based on the following question: What happens when three 19-year-olds get to try their dream job without any education? Together with Kristiania we found Henrik, Kelly and Lise, which, each in their own way, represented the thoughts and feelings about working life and studying that Kristiania wanted to challenge. Lise got to run a hotel. Henrik got take three recovering drug addicts to the mountains as their personal trainer. Kelly got to stage an event for an organic energy drink. Our hope (being a non-fiction series) was that this experiment would not only entertain, but offer Henrik, Kelly and Lise – and the audience – new perspectives on working life, studying, different careers and…yeah, on being young.


- Over 600 000 unique views (Norway’s population: 5 million. Total amount of people between 18-23: 400 000)
- An average viewing time of over 5 minutes

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